Today, I updated my weblog to WordPress. Mainly because I am really tired of having to manually delete spam-comments, and I hope that WordPress can handle these better than b2. The upgrading process was quite simple: downloading the .zip, unzipping, inserting the database connection settings, uploading everything, pointing to an URL, pressing next a few times, and that was that.

After that, I tried to import my b2 posts. This should be as simple as opening a certain URL, but for some reason that didn’t work too well. All I got were some MySQL errors. But fortunately, because WordPress is an continuation of b2 the database structure is really similar. The following SQL queries did the trick:

insert into wp_posts(ID, post_author, post_date, post_content, post_title, post_category) select ID, post_author, post_date, post_content, post_title, post_category from b2posts;

insert into wp_comments(comment_ID, comment_post_ID, comment_author, comment_author_email, comment_author_url, comment_author_IP, comment_date, comment_content, comment_karma) select * from b2comments;

insert into wp_post2cat(post_id, category_id) select ID, post_category from wp_posts;


I also changed the URL to point to the root of my domain (ie. to instead of, the data on the site is way outdated and thus of no real use anymore. I hope to update the template of the weblog to the design of my website soon.