Hi. My name is David Baakman, and this weblog constists of all kind of posts. I started blogging when I was still studying Computer Science at the University of Twente, but most posts are made in the period when I was working at Quinity. I had a period when I wrote several posts per month…

Nowadays, my priorities are a bit different (wife, child, you get the idea…), so don’t expect that many new posts. And in the days of Facebook and Twitter blogging is less popular then it was. However, I still feel that sometimes you want more than 140 chars, and the things you publish should be under your control.

Previously, the weblog used Wordpress and allowed comments. Although, sometimes the comments and discussions were really interesting (especially blow the Reheating Spinach post, after it was linked from the Finish wikipedia page), they also resulte in a burden: spam, bots, etc. In the end I just don’t want that anymore, if you want to reach out to me, as a human you’re probably able to find a way to contact me (for example on Mastodon..), and as a AI spam bot, hopefully not :)

Privacy dislaimer, etc.

Apparently, a site nowadays needs a privacy disclaimer (or at least a cookie wall…). It’s quite simple: no cookies, no adds, no tracking. I have no idea who you are, how many people look at this site, or which pages are the most popular.

The site is now hosted by GitLab Pages, they collect standard web server logging data (i.e. IP Address of requestor, requested URL). They collect this data for bulk analytical reasons e.g. how many people user this product, is a particular site seeing heavy traffic and needs more resources, as well as for programatic use in abuse prevention e.g. is someone trying to DDoS a given page site.