David Baakman

Migrated to Medium

After a 5-year hiatus, I ‘rebooted’ my blog… so, welcome back ;)

Back in 2011, I suddenly received an invoice from my webhoster for excess data usage. Looking at the statistics, it was clear that my domain/weblog-URL was included in a list used by botnet to mass-spam. So, I received thousands and thousands of visitors (bots) that would download a complete page and try to comment on that page. This generated more than a gigabyte of traffic per day… So, quickly made the decision to take down the complete blog.

And, for various reasons, I never took the time to reinstall Wordpress…

But I found out that you could migrate all your Wordpress posts to Medium, and use a custom domain with your Medium account. So, I reinstalled Wordpress (upgrading from 2.8 to 4.7 — that went well without any major problems, only none of the plugins worked anymore), exported all my posts, and imported everything into Medium. The only problem I ran into was that my old b2 weblog posts (the software I used before Wordpress) didn’t have the correct date, but I quickly found out that for these posts the Wordpress database didn’t contain a ‘GMT’ datefield, so that was fixed by a simple update statement.

Only disadvantage is that all comments are gone (they are still in my database dump), but probably that is a price I have to move to a hosted environment…