When I learned Java 22 years ago, I could not know how much impact it would have on my career. At that time the language was only 3 years old (I certainly didn’t know that at that time…), but the University of Twente used it already for teaching their Object Oriented and Imperative Programming class (a lot of AWT (Swing didn’t exists yet), and Applets - that will be the future!). I still have my copy of Deitel & Deitel - Java: How to program, 2nd edition.

Anyway, the celebration of 25 years of Java, was obviously a good moment to spend a few evenings brushing-up the latest-and-greatest, and update my Java certification with 9.6 versions from version 1.4 to version 11 (oh, that it was discounted to 25 dollar / 22 euro did also help ;)). The test is still mostly about playing a Java compiler and knowing things that have no relation with being a good (Java) developer, but hey, I’m good again for the next 16 years - looking forward for my next Java certification at the 42 year celebration ;)