Some time ago, we needed some new containers to store food leftovers. And we we’re at Ikea to buy - I don’t know anymore, but I’m sure it was something else :)

Anyway, we bought some Ikea 365 containers. In the shop we also saw an interesting way to hang them under a kitchen shelf. Didn’t really gave to much attention, but at home, we thought: he, that might be something for us, on the shelf where we store those containers, we don’t use all the space.

So, a few weeks later, we bought a few of those

Our idea was to hang two of them after another, so we could hang 6 containers under one shelf. But when they arrived, it was apparent that Ikea had other idea’s about that…

No way that you could slide a container from one holder to another…. But fortunately, a bit of bending with some pliers, that stupid piece at the end, didn’t spoil the fun…

So, aligning all 6 under a shelf, and just some screws… Hmm…. When I would screw them in the shelf as intended, the containers still wouldn’t slide from one to another. So, final construction is a bit ‘not-that-perfect’ where I kindoff hang the holders between two screws.

In a few months, we’ll figure out whether I outsmarted Ikea or was just stupid :)