Today it is 5 years ago that a firework factory in Enschede exploded. At that time I lived in Enschede, about 2 km from the scene. Although no one I knew was injured or killed, I know some people who lost all their possessions.

It is a weird feeling. These things happen every month, but only because this accident occured nearby it had a much larger impact on me than all these other sadly recurring accidents. And not only to me, the whole population of Enschede was in a shock for a few months. And even several years later, the accident leaves trails: it was absolutely not-done to ignite firework in Enschede at newyear’s eve for the first one or two years, the house-market was tensened immediately and the whole neighbourhood that was blown away is still being rebuild. And in Enschede almost everyone knows people who have lost their home.

It is a good thing to think about these awful events once in a while so you don’t forget that the things you have is something you shouldn’t take for granted.