Adam Curry talks about RSS enclosures and automagically downloading them.

I subscribed to Adam’s ‘Daily Source Code’ and the RSS feed with enclosures from ITConversations. In that way, I have something to listen to when I walk to/from my work.

For downloading I use a tool from Wener Vogels, which automatically downloads new enclosures to a directory. One problem which I have is that I cannot directly download to my PDA: I have a 256 MB SD card, so it cannot hold all the files that are enclosed in the RSS feeds (and just deleting the already listened ones won’t work: they are downloaded again the next time you run the tool). So I use the tool to download the MP3’s to a harddisk and then manually copy them onto my PDA (and at the same time, deleting the old files). Not completely automated, but workable.

Saturday, I started working on my own version of an RSS enclosures download tool with many cool features (obviously, including a feature that remembers downloaded items that have been deleted locally so that you (or the tool?) can delete files without them being downloaded again), but I don’t know whether I have time enough to finish it in the near future.